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Question 1/10

Do you like to be the captain of the ship?

I prefer to follow

I can lead and follow

I am constantly in leadership roles

Question 2/10

How do you deal with stress?

I generally don't do things that cause me stress

I put it off until I have to deal with it

I take a quick break, then I work through it

Question 3/10

Do you have a spirit of adventure?

I'm always up for a new challenge

Sometimes I take a chance, sometimes I play it safe

I don't take much risk

Question 4/10

What is your ability to listen, communicate and build relationships?

I am a people person

I prefer a mixture of being part of group, and working on my own

I like to be on my own

Question 5/10

Do you sweat the small stuff?

I don't bother with the details

I plan everything, and all the details

It depends on the situation

Question 6/10

How determined are you?

I tend to finish what I start

It depends on the situation, generally I get things done

I leave lots of things undone

Question 7/10

What is your cash flow situation?

I don't have to pay for much

I need to pay for most or all of my expenses

I pay for some expenses, my folks pay for others

Question 8/10

Do you regularly take initiative?

I wait for others

It depends if I care about it, if I do - I take initiative

70% of the time I take initiative

Question 9/10

How versatile and/or adaptable are you?

I am a continuous learner and make change quickly

It depends on the situation

I tend to be a little more structured

Question 10/10

How often is it "my way or the highway"?

I respond to / respect feedback & coaching

It depends on the coach / mentor

I like to do things my way